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Combining a background in forensic psychology with well-honed business insights and entrepreneurial experience, Jill offers a perspective that can help you flourish, personally and professionally.

With Jill’s guidance, organizations and individuals can harness their strengths, passions and purpose. As a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and coach, Jill provides the foundation you need to take action and succeed in life.

From Frustration to Flourishing

While pursuing a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and working as a probation officer, Jill Ann Anderson kept coming back to the same question: What does it mean to be happy?

After working with offenders in the criminal justice system and transitioning to a large mental health clinic, that crucial question continued to drive her professional life. She struggled with “defining” people based on psychological theories that are grounded in negative diagnoses. Even more challenging, she discovered that she was deeply unhappy herself, even after achieving success in her chosen field.

She worked harder, hoping the world of psychology would change. She ignored her dream of helping people find happiness in their lives. She attempted to follow the rigid path of determining what was “wrong” with her clients.

But her dream fought back.

Reading about groundbreaking research done by Martin Seligman on positive psychology, Jill found herself craving more — more insights, more resources, more concrete steps on achieving happiness.

For the first time, her professional mission to help others clicked into place with her personal passion for living a life without limits. And that’s when true transformation began. By attending the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and applying the principles of positive psychology to clients, she discovered that this type of coaching worked better than the therapeutic model she’d been using.

Clients didn’t just feel somewhat better. They flourished.

Jill was determined to turn that initial success into a groundswell, so she became an entrepreneur and now uses positive psychology as a foundation for her speaking, training and coaching.

Every day, she guides people and organizations toward gaining a sense of meaning and purpose. She helps others to tap into their own dreams, and let those shine through in work and life. Most of all, she helps others to flourish.

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